Constance Felicity
  1. Am I pregnant? -Temperance
  2. How did Kyle feel when we were hanging out together Friday?-Knight of Wands
  3. 3. A card that describes what kind of a time he had ?-Two of Wands
  4. Is he my twin flame ?-Knight of Pentacles
  5. Message from my guardian about this situation?-The Sun

1. The deep subconcious reason why you want to become pregnant, what are your motives.-Four of Cups
2. What will pregnancy make you feel? Your initial reaction to it.-The Wheel of Fortune
3. How will you grow during pregnancy - Emotionally, spiritually etc..-Eight of Swords
4. When are you most likely to become pregnant? ( The season, or how many months or years, can be intuatively divined.-Ten of Swords
5. How will pregnancy effect your life - Materialistically, your career, your finances etc..-The Empress
6. How will pregnancy effect you relationship with your partner - Positively or negatively etc..-Eight of Wands
7. Are you likely to have a boy or a girl or twins?-Eight of Pentacles
8.What will the baby bring to your life at the moment? In terms of joy, or problems etc..-Page of Pentacles
9. Is it the right time to become pregnant? Should you wait?-JjUSTICE
10. What will the prospective birth of my child be like? The experience of childbirth.-The High Priestess
11. What will i feel like after the birth of my child? How will pregnancy and child birth effect you mentally etc..-The Star
12. What will your new life be like with your child? What is to come..-Death
13. The ultimate thing you need to consider right now before becoming pregnant.. The Focus.-Knight of Swords

  1. Will I get hired at this Walgreens that I extern at? -Page of Swords
  2. When will I start working for pay?*timing*-King of Swords
  3. When will I get a car of my own?*timing*  -Ace of Swords
  4. When will Kyle and I start to date officially*timing* Nine of Wands
  5. Message from my guardian about Kyle and I ? Four of Cups
  6. How will my parents feel about him and I dating? -JUDGEMENT
  7. Why do I feel so weird right now? -Three of Wands„Ace of Wands
  1. When will I meet the man I’m supposed to have my children with(timing) -Seven of Swords
  2. When will I have my first child(timing) -8 of Swords
  3. Will I have my first child with my next boyfriend? -Six of Wands
  4. When wilL I meet my next boyfriend who lives in the same city and state as me?—King of Pentacles

1 - Who will your next romantic relationship be with?Eight of Cups
2 - His/her personality/temperament-Eight of Wands
3 - His/her strength.-Five of Cups
4 - His/her weakness.-Three of Pentacles
5 - His/her faith(ie religious leanings, such as traditional, new age, none, etc)-The Tower
6 - “Signs” to look for(things you’ll notice first, or if you’ve already met, things that will stand out about them)-The Devil
7 - His/her reaction to you-King of Wands
8 - Your reaction to him/her-Nine of Swords
9 - Advice for making your best impression-Justice
10 - Important factors in his/her past(things you might relate to or need to overcome, such as loss of a job, or if someone you’ve met before, a difficult past issues)-Queen of Swords
11 - Time frame of when this will come about(near future or more distant future)-Two of Pentacles
12 - What will the relationship be like?-Death
13 - Emotional bond between the 2(ie passionate, playful, friendship etc)-The Magician
14 - Long term potential-Five of Swords

  1. What did the dream I had last night of the man being turned into a bug but he loved me and he fell through a crack and he found his way back to me mean? -Page of Pentacles
  2. Clarification -Queen of Wands
  3. What is the man who was the bug like, a card that describes him. -The Star
  4. When will I meet this man *timing* ?-Five of Pentacles
  5. What is our love like?*card that represents our relationship* -Ace of Swords
  6. Message from my guardian ?Two of Pentacles
  7. How will I meet him?*situation surrounding us meeting* -Death
  1. Why am I so psychic?(is it something that my soul has gained?a gift etc.) -King of Cups
  2. A card that describes my soul?-The Devil
  3. Was I a witch in one of my past lives? -Page of Pentacles
  4. a card that describes what kind of a witch I was? (what was my character) -Queen of Wands
  5. A message from my guardian angel about this subject -The Chariot
  1. What will be the gender of my third child?-Seven of Wands
  2. What will be the Sun sign of my third child? -The High Priestess
  3. What will be the Moon sign of my third child? -Three of Wands
  4. What will be the Rising sign of my third child?-King of Swords
  1. what will be the moon sign of my second child? -The Empress
  2. Is their moon sign going to be Cancer?-The Hermit
  3. Is their moon sign going to be Scorpio? -Two of Cups
  4. Is their moon sign going to be Pisces? -Ace of Cups
  1. A card describes me so far as a worker in the pharmacy? -The Fool
  2. How I can improve my performance? -Nine of Swords
  3. What doctor Jones thinks of me ?Four of Pentacles
  4. What the half Korean-half Black pharmacist thinks of me as a technician? Ten of Swords
  5. What the old White pharmacist thinks of me as a technician? Three of Pentacles

  6. wILL i BE offered a job at this Walgreens I’m currently externing at?The World
  7. Why or why would I not be offered a job*reason they’d want me to stay there as a technician?*Queen of Swords
  8. A card that will describe me as a technician  at the end of my externship at this Walgreens? The Devil
  9. Message frrom my guardian ? Two of Cups